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What I do

1-1 lifestyle training

onlihhne or home based


Part Personal training £40 full consultation/plan then £10 per week
Full Personal training £30 per week to include full consultation/plan and weekly training session

Circuits classes

Monday 7pm Winsley Village hall

Friday 9.15am Winsley Village hall


£5.00 per participant

Online circuits

Different class every week – online via Zoom.

Monday 7pm

Friday 9.15am


£4.00 per participant

Rather do it in your own time?  Get a recorded option for £4 or £14 per month

About Me

Fit in Exercise and Lifestyle - Fitness Classes Bradford on Avon

"I believe everyone can be fit, healthy and happy"

I love keeping fit and healthy and I love helping others keep fit and healthy too.  I strongly believe fitness can a part of everyone’s life and the wide range of ages and abilities at my classes demonstrate that.  How you approach exercise and lifestyle is key and I can help you make those lifestyle changes to support long term health.

Apart from circuit training I can put together an affordable, effective fitness/health plan to achieve your goals that you can do yourself.  This offers a really cost-effective option with ongoing support and motivation.  I will carry out a full consultation and put together a plan and keep you motivated & on track weekly with regular reviews to monitor success.

Alternatively if you need more support I can work with you in a full personal training capacity in your home or online.  This will include a full consultation & plan, weekly session with me and regular reviews to keep you on track.



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Fit in Exercise and Lifestyle - Fitness Classes Bradford on Avon

    My Top Tips to achieving good health and happiness

    Set clear, realistic goals

    Have short, medium and long term goals and set realistic objectives to achieve them.  Set timeframes around when you want to achieve your goals by and a way to measure your success.  Commit them to paper and put it somewhere you can regularly see it.  Focus on your short term goal, this is the one you are going to achieve first.

    Keep a journal

    Keeping a journal can help you keep motivated and on track.  It can also help you get over the days where you maybe feel demotivated – get your frustrations or disappointment onto paper and then move on.  Equally, celebrate the good days, write down how it makes you feel when you have achieved a goal so you don’t forget!

    Get your friends and family support

    Your family & friends can really support and help you to achieve your goals.  Share with them what you are trying to achieve.  Talk about how you are doing, share frustrations and successes.  By verbalising what you are trying to achieve to others will help to keep your commitment.

    Give exercise the priority it deserves

    If you don’t make exercise an important part of your life you’ll always find excuses not to do it, not enough time, too tired to busy.  But, what’s more important than keeping fit & healthy!  Exercise has such a positive effect on your physical & mental health that spills over into many aspects of your life so give it the priority it deserves.

    Make lifestyle choices

    This isn’t about a diet or changing what you do for a few weeks or months.  It’s about creating a way of life that is long term and sustainable that will bring you good health & happiness. Work on the 80/20 rule – 80% of the time eat healthily 20% allow treats!

    Don’t let bad days derail you

    You’re always going to have an off day!  Drawn a line under it and start afresh – tomorrow is another day!

    If you struggle to keep on track and motivated I can help with a really affordable solution.  I will carry out a full consultation and write a plan to help you achieve your goals and support and motivate you to along the way.